The clutch bag is a very classic piece that fits any occasion.  It is a small-sized bag carried or clutched in the hand or under the armpit.

You have the dress, the shoes, the earrings, the necklace, and you know exactly how each hair will be placed and matted with hairspray. The one last piece needed to complete your beautiful ensemble is a gorgeous clutch bag that makes the perfect fit.

A clutch bag should add elegance and complement your dress code. It says a lot about a woman. You don’t see elegant women on the red carpet holding those larger-than-life handbags because they don’t fit the occasion.
The clutch is surely the way to go for your evenings out.

Many girls dress in evening gowns, micro mini-dresses but carry big handbags pulling their shoulder down. It’s supposed to be a simple relaxing evening. The big handbag will dress down your look.

However, different clutch bags serve different purposes; you will, therefore, need more than one. The beaded and bejewelled clutches should be left for dinner and formal evenings and so should the satin cloth clutches. The fabric flowery is good for a woman dashing out for a quick buy at the supermarket or brunch with friends.

Designers have also indulged in making bigger clutches that are held under the armpit and are a perfect accessory to your jeans or leggings.      

Avoid placing a lot of stuff into them as they are not intended for that, just a few items to ensure that they do not stretch out and shed their gorgeous look. They actually only have sufficient space for the bare necessities, like lipstick, some cash, some bank cards, and maybe a mobile phone. When you are going out for the evening, throw in your ID, driver’s licence, ATM card, cash, lipstick and car keys. If your clutch bag seems too heavy then it’s likely you loaded it up, and after a while, this can stress the clutch and induce more wear. Moreover, when you place too much stuff inside of it, it will appear lumpy, and this will make it much less attractive. Clutch bags are a dressy fashion item, and so they ought to be treated as such.

You won’t go wrong by buying some of these timeless and classic pieces.




4 months ago