The Floating Rose

Photo Credit: Mascoteda

From side to side you sway
Dancing to the beat of the winds
You dazzle with colourful beauty at dawn,
While dew drops kindle your steps

You make the gardens,
You are the gardens,
But for you there is no garden,
You are the birds of the streets,
Your whistling causes the ears to smile,
While your rich smell
Makes me want to live twice

You steer delight of your simple gown in men
The call of morning bell makes you glow
You are quick to rise while others are fast asleep,
You feed in morning moist and pride in the fog

Alas its noon,
When the beauty had fizzled,
And freshness is lost to fullness of the sun,
The rich smell gives way to wants of man,
When the glowing gown withers
And the strength of the moist,
Is only temporary

At sunset
A gown of dust is worn
Butterflies give some distance
While gardens are deserted
Smiles seize
As all eyes shut in wait of dawn
Then you leave your message
Of a glorious dawn again

By Ofobruku Felix



2 years ago