Esoteric Erotica: The Ultimate Practical Guide to A Sizzling Sex Life


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Wish for sizzling sex and you will experience it. All you need to do is just to wish! Sex is a major factor in relationships. A lot of people shy away from discussing it but it is a very vital element in relationships. Most relationships suffer because of absence of it or issues with it. In African culture for instance, everything that has to do with sex is painted with some form of taboo. We grew up to see sex as something that must not be talked about. There is so much secrecy about it. Hence, even sex education is hardly taught in schools. If you are reading this now, it means you are ready to take your sex life to another level. This book however, takes you away from all the inhibitions and reveals to you secrets of great sex. Explore these secrets and experience Magic Sex, Profound Oral Sex, Intense Orgasms; Great Sex Positions and Acts that keep passion alive.

About the Author
Enakeno Victoria Oju is a Media Artist by Profession. Her work cuts across online, print and film media were writing is a way of life. She gathers information & news stories from different beats of life. She has worked in different media outfits and has been a sex columnist for over six years. She is passionate about making a difference in the sex lives of men and women and she is committed to having everyone wake up to do all it takes to possess absolute control of their sex life. She holds a B.A Degree in Theatre Arts, Master of Arts Degree in Media Arts, Masters in Business Administration and a Ph.D Media Arts Degree in view 2014.

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