Right now the World is a global village and everything has gone digital, Says Love Usiaphre

For her unconventional aptitude and mastery of selling, Love Usiaphre’s presence in today’s contemporary beauty industry is worth celebrating. Love as she is fondly called is the Amazon behind the wheels of Zinfeg Signature. She is one Entrepreneur who is undaunted by anything thrown at her. Spotlight Reports visited her world this week. She gives us some inspiring tips.

What exactly is Zinfeg’s line of business?

Zinfeg signature provides high-end cosmetic products and makeovers for her clients. We consult for clients on the best products to use that suit their skin types and skin tones. Our makeover jobs are for all occasions  – birthdays, weddings, photo-shoots and other special events.

What is the Vision of Zinfeg Signature?

The vision of Zinfeg Signature line is to create a high-quality make-up brand that will cater for the skin type and tone of the African woman at affordable rates. Our brand will not only compete in the African market but also globally.

We are committed to making our clients beautify and be confident about their looks.

How well is Zinfeg Signature positioned to compete in the market?

Right now the world is a global village and everything has gone digital especially the marketplace. People want to sit in the comfort of their homes and offices to buy what they want online and have it delivered to them in the shortest possible time. We have leveraged on that and have improved our online presence. People now contact us from social media and our website.

Notwithstanding selling is the lifeblood of any business. We have built a strong customer base over the years through our one-on-one marketing. We don’t wait for customers to come to us we take the products to them.

What is the contribution of Zinfeg to Social Responsibility?

We are committed to making a difference and helping others make a difference in the world. We provide mentorship for young entrepreneurs who want to launch their businesses.

It is really a difficult decision and process launching out on your own. Nevertheless, it is worth it. We try as much as we can to encourage them and also let them in on possible challenges they will meet along the way.

Most times people don’t tell you the journey will be bumpy. But it is. You meet challenges every day. So in telling you the positive side we also give you insight on some of the challenges you will face.

We also give some products to display in their studios and sell at a commission. This reduces the initial start-up capital they need to invest.

How do you balance being the CEO of Zinfeg and being a Mother as well as a wife at the same time?

You just have to make a decision and tell yourself you will keep going no matter what. When you have goals, salaries to pay and other bills to pay, nothing stands in your way. You just keep going. You can’t afford to be lazy. You just have to find a way to balance all three roles.

What Measures can be taken to help address the current unemployment situation?

Unemployment can be tackled in Nigeria by encouraging of students to learn different vocational trades that will enable them to create jobs for themselves and others when they graduate.

At all levels of education, teachers should inculcate the entrepreneurial mindset in our youths. Such that they would set up businesses and employ others not graduating to become job seekers. With Nigeria’s population, it is not possible to employ everyone.

The government should create the enabling environment for small businesses to thrive. Also, empower entrepreneurs so they can expand and employ more people. If we have many small businesses that can employ people, unemployment level will reduce drastically.

Advice to aspiring Entrepreneurs

Get in the game. Work hard, persevere and be consistent.

Contrary to popular opinion, entrepreneurship is not the easy path. Different things come at you every day that you have to handle. You have to be strong and keep moving.

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