Karate: Non-Quitting Spirit a Necessity for National Development, Says Shihan Jegede

The National Technical Director, Karate Federation of Nigeria and Vice President General, Nigerian Karate Association Shihan Dave Jegede has described the Non-quitting spirit in the Art of Karate as a necessity for national development.

The Karate professional who disclosed this in Abuja Penultimate Saturday while presiding over the periodic grading exercise in FCT stated that Karate builds social and leadership traits which builds a non-defeating spirit. This no-quitting attitude and continuous striving will bring about a developed society.

The Shihan explained that with this attitude, there is no defeat in everything one does and when there is no fear of attempting any venture, societies will keep growing no matter what comes their way.

“You learn not to quit, but to keep fighting no matter what. You are not in the fight to win but to make an impact. You don’t expect to win but you must not lose either. In essence, you are required to give your best at every given situation”. In any case, you learn something new about yourself and your opponent that will help you in the future. These necessary skills are transferred to other real-life situations that encourage the spirit of continually striving to achieve results.

“Besides the mastery of self-defence techniques and extreme discipline that the Art teaches, Karate also develops physical and mental skills, leadership traits as well as social aptitude”,

“It builds self-esteem and strengthens self-confidence; improves overall performance in all you do as it raises your energy level, focus and concentration, says Shihan Jegede.

On women development, he says the art not only improves self -confidence and reduces inferiority complex it inspires women to strive to excel in whatever they do.

To this end, the Shihan encourages more people to join the art to further contribute to development.

Contrary to popular opinion that people who engage in the art do so in other to attack others, Sensei McDonald Osagie a lead Instructor in the FCT Karate Association clarifies that the true meaning of Karate is “empty hands”. “Empty hands in the face of an assault, so basically the art is for self-defence. The grading to different levels is done to check the ability and knowledge of the student and to know where the student needs more classes”.

Mustafa O. Muhammad another top instructor from the FCT Association stresses that Karate is a journey of self-discovery. Saying that the Art which harmonizes spirit and body helps individuals discover who they are.

In his words, “with the art, you discover who you are, your strengths and weaknesses; you define yourself and apply what you learn to everyday life”.

“The development is a gradual process. It is always evolving, as you experience certain things you get to know yourself”.

“There are no gender or age barriers. You keep growing each day according to your strength and ability”.

“The Art requires a firm decision, discipline, consistency and perseverance”, he continued.

Some of the problems facing Karate in Nigeria according to these professionals include the inability to provide facilities and programs that can sustain the elites in Karate. For karate to rise to great frontiers in Nigeria, the elites have to be involved, therefore there is the need to come together to work out modalities that can promote the art in Nigeria.

Efforts should be geared towards collective development not just the development of self so as to lead to development at an exponential rate.

They however stressed the need for sponsorship to perform even better – need for investment in competitions, courses and attending of refresher courses.

Government alone cannot do the sponsoring, they, therefore, called on individuals to come in to promote the art.




2 years ago

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