It’s amazing what she does with her brushes…

Ever stopped to wonder how something was done? Asked the question how does she do it? Wondered what goes on in their mind while they are working or not working?

Mabel Okoye of Mascoteda Makeup and Beauty Artistry provokes those questions and many more. Her designs are amazing and breathtaking.

Each piece tells a story that is aimed at giving strength and inspiration. Her work evolves from the traditional to the contemporary. And from sketching on paper to painting on bodies and now to products used every day. The trend in her work leaves much to wonder what to expect next.

She is good at what she does and she loves what she does. On the profession she says:

It has taken me places and given me room to meet beautiful people with different cultures and backgrounds.

According to her, she draws inspiration from:

Life, things around me, nature, shapes, patterns on fabrics, a splash of water and colours.

Some of her works

It starts with a sketch

Memories of Moonlight.

A  Maiden's Heart by MascotedaA  Maiden’s Heart

Harvest Inspired.

   Tiger Inspired 

  Memories of Moonlight.

Lost in Space

  The African Dream

NGNGNG   Going Contemporary




2 years ago