In the Spirit of Valentine

Felix Ofobruku writes:

Love is Beautiful but Frightful

Dawn came like a normal day
Breaking into sun rays,
Which saw men probe for  women,
And women dig for dresses,
A lovely day,
A sunny day with much fun to play,
Worship is shut as sun play unfolds
Cakes and flowers announced love
As the colourful dove flew,
Swinging,  singing and whistling
 delightful tunes,
Spreading the feelings of love
With dreamy eyes,
Wings spread like a bird,
Sonorous voice,
Rose to sing love songs
Love is beautiful but frightful,
Love is blissful yet painful
It is cheerful still doubtful
Love could be youthful but wasteful
It could be graceful yet spiteful
Like a double edged sword
Love is piercing and pinning
Yet Love is life and companion
Ofobruku Felix



2 years ago