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Clothes tell a story about their wearer, serving as a kind of second skin that helps us communicate our emotions, state of mind or thoughts.  In essence, they make a statement about the wearer.

We can draw a lot from what people wear: their mood, style, beliefs, lifestyle, and sense of belonging to a group or ideology. A dress can tell if the wearer is confident, bold, happy, has “whatever it takes attitude” (WIT), or if the wearer is weak scared and all.

However, if you dress shabbily they notice the dress, dress impeccably they notice you – the wearer.

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People wear different kinds of apparels at certain times to fit and compliment their mood. A lot of stylish people tend to wear clothing that fit their personality and not Vogue. The reason is that an outfit could be in vogue and yet look horrible on the person putting it on.

There are some clothing that do not need too much of hard work or Curves to fit perfectly on the wearer, such as the stylish frilled apparels.

They are not essentially new in the fashion world, they have been worn in the 60s, 70s, 80s and they are still in fashion at the moment.

They are a trendy piece that sits well on any one putting them on. They fit very well and hard not to fit.

The frills apparel design come in different fabrics like the chiffon, organza, cotton, silk, linen and so on. They are very easy to care for and also user friendly.

Now, a lot of fashionistas wear the frilled apparel at all time because they are certainly suitable for every occasion; it only depends on the design.Image result for frilled apparels

Some ladies wear them during formal outings, especially when they come as shirts. Some come in long, short, and quartered sleeves, depending on the design. A horizontal frilled shirt is a perfect top to wear when you are out on a casual day out and can be transformed to something you wear at night.

You could wear your gowns in frilled designs too, as long as you have the right body to carry it.

Most of the designs come on the collar, the front of the outfit and also the trimmings on the sleeve. It could come anywhere on the apparel, depending on the designer’s design.

Definitely they are a must have in your wardrobe. Step beyond your comfort zone today and try one.  Remember, “dress shabbily they notice the dress, dress impeccably they notice you – the wearer”.



2 years ago