Flying through the clouds, over the ocean…

Felix Ofobruku aka Diokpa, a great Theatre Artiste and a seasoned poet, writes from the heart in this inspiring piece.

I don't envy them

I don’t envy them
Who do not envy you
For the strength of your strokes strikes a mind
Your imaginative qualities steers imagination
Truly, I don’t envy them, if they don’t envy you

For your pen is golden, It spread the mouth of the heart causing it to smile
The phallic spring up at your strokes
Now tell me
Who will not envy you
Albeit, with a kind heart

Flying through the clouds, over the ocean, forest and deserts, you hobnob with nature, and you speak nature
So your strokes naturally pours, soothing the minds
With colourful gaze.
The attraction of your strokes
Comes without a struggle
So I don’t envy them
If they don’t envy you



2 years ago