Our dressing says a lot about us. We are what we wear: what our clothes reveal about us.Tips on dressing for a dinner party

Dressing for a dinner party depends on what type of dinner party it is. It is dependent on if the party is formal or informal. If you take a look at your invitation, you can tell a lot about the expected tone of the evening ahead of time by the kind of paper and language used on the invitation. You may even find instructions stating “White Tie” or “Formal” or “Cocktail Attire” which can direct your wardrobe choices.

However, it is nice to wear a proper dress that suits the occasion. Wearing a proper party dress for a dinner party will not only leave a good impression on others but also show your respect to the host.

Wear something both sassy and classy. You can’t go far wrong with dresses. Wear something mid-length or just above the knee, in the classic back or a fun print depending on the occasion.

You can also wear a long flowing evening dress. Evening gowns are timeless and are usually worn for formal occasions. Fashionable ladies prefer well sewn and chic gowns that will flatter their figures. For an evening gown that is already breathtaking, you might not need to wear accessories that would compete with the gown. Wear simple accessories in order not to draw attention from the dress.

Know that except for the most informal of dinner parties, such as BBQs or picnics, jeans and shorts are generally not acceptable attire for dinner parties.

You can always fall back on the wardrobe staple  – “The little black dress.” A black dress that fits correctly will look appropriate for most events, no matter how formal or informal.

Carry a clutch purse that is large enough to hold business cards, keys, cash and lip gloss is all you need. Do not carry a big handbag. Carrying a huge tote or a bag that you would use during the day will dress down your look.

A nice hairdo will definitely enhance the beauty of your outfit and make you look serene.




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