Tips to help you stay strong when the going seems tough

If we are on the path of success, outstanding success, I mean being relevant and making a difference in this world as well as generations yet to come it means we will always be asking ourselves at frequent intervals in our journey: “When will this all be over? When will this journey end?”

It’s a good question! The fact that we are asking that question means we are unto something very important. It’s only natural to worry about when it’ll be over but the unfortunate part of the question is not the question itself, but the answer.

“It never ends”. Our journey will never be over. We will never be done. So long as we are still alive it continues.

As we resolve one challenge another will pop up.

We can deal with the specific challenge we are facing right now and we run happily into the setting sun feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off our shoulders, but that doesn’t mean it is over. What it means is that we have concluded that challenge but in no distant time at all, we are in another crisis situation; then another and another and another. It never ends.

Once one dream is fulfilled, we start to notice a new dream. This dream could be next on our list of experiences or a dormant dream we didn’t realise we had; it’s been sitting right there in our subconscious all along.

With each goal comes different hurdles that we have to cross to realise it. The next goal has it’s own set of challenges and the next, the next and the next.

It never stops. It never ends. It goes on in every moment of every day for the rest of our lives.

But this is what makes life worthwhile. The challenges that we go through, the hurdles we have to cross, the difficulties and all are the spices that make life worthwhile. We will remember the difficult processes we had to undergo before realising our goals more. The process will make us appreciate “our achievements more”.

At the moment, we are resistant to the idea of the process never ending because it feels like it is so much hard work. It feels like a lot of effort with little return. But it doesn’t have to feel like that, and once we get further down in our journey, it gets better. We realise the process, the work we have to put in is what gives us the actual thrill. We begin to enjoy the process.

We shouldn’t think if we choose to stay home and not do much we won’t encounter challenges. They will show up in our relationships. One way or the other they will surface. We can’t evade them.

Life is too short to live a scanty life. We should take on as much as we can and make it worthwhile. Our favourite hero in a movie is not loved because of doing nothing. We fall in love with this hero because of his conquests. The greater the conquests the greater the respect and love we have for this hero. This also applies to life.

Kids will outlive us but work is what gives it all meaning. The world will remember us for our works. And as we keep doing great works and greater works, it goes on and on and on; so it never ends.


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2 years ago