Anthonia Ohwovoriole On Machine Learning and Her Journey So Far in IT

One of the Data Scientists with BlackSentry division of Layer3 Limited, where she interfaces with clients from all works of life with different data analytics challenges gives us a peek into IT and her journey so far.

Anthonia Ohwovoriole-Oju
Anthonia Ohwovoriole-Oju

Working with structured and unstructured data, analysing and developing predictive analysts’ models as required for each project; Anthonia developed BEAM (BlackSentry Exploratory Analytics Module) and BSAM (BlackSentry Sentiment Analytics Module).

Speaking about Machine Learning with a focus on Supervised and Unsupervised Learning recently at Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS) event, Ohwovoriole noted how we are exposed to Machine Learning on a daily basis without being aware of it.

She explained that Machine learning is an algorithm that can learn from data without being reliant on standard programming practices, like Object Oriented Design.

According to her, Supervised Learning algorithm takes a known set of input data and output data and trains a model to generate reasonable predictions for the response to new data while Unsupervised Learning finds hidden patterns in data. It is used to draw inferences from datasets consisting of input data without labelled responses.

Presenting the examples, it’s established that we are familiar with Machine Learning more than we can even dream of. She mentions thus:

Airtime lending

“Telecoms use machine learning to know if a subscriber is credit-worthy and how much can be loaned the subscriber.”

Friends Suggestion

“Facebook continuously notices the friends you connect with, profiles you visit often, your interests, workplace, or a group that you share with someone. On the basis of continuous learning, a list of Facebook users is suggested that you can become friends with”.

Customers Segmentation

“Banks survey prospects and customers to develop multiple segment and market accordingly”.

Product Recommendations

“On the basis of your behaviour with a website/app, past purchases, items liked or added to cart, brand preferences and so on, products are recommended for you”.

“Supervised Learning, therefore, predicts outcome/future and resolves classification and regression problems. Whereas with Unsupervised Learning, Machine understands the data, Evaluation is qualitative or indirect and does not predict/find anything specific”, she said.

You are noticed everywhere you are

She told Spotlight Reports that being selected as the guest speaker for the WiMLDS event came as a surprise to her and realised people actually watch you and notice everything you do. The encounter with the organisers was while speaking during a project presentation with a team from her office.

From a Computer Science Graduate to a Data Scientist

The young Computer Science graduate started from the very bottom and has risen to become a Data Scientist.

She recalled how she started from working at a business centre/Internet Café when she graduated. People mocked her but she did not despair she was faithful and made a difference as she learned very pertinent aspects of her profession in that little Cafe.

She continued and worked in other places and today she is grateful for where she is.

The Reward for Hard Work

There is no substitute for Hard Work she says. “I put in long hours at work”. I always go the extra mile and various occurrences have evidenced that Hard Work is rewarded.

Continuous Learning

She continuously takes up courses and researches constantly.


“…Grateful to be at BlackSentry”. The environment promotes growth and development.”

Passion Project

She is currently working on BPM (BlackSentry Predictive Analytics Module).

On Growth and Development

You can grow anywhere you are. You have to desire it and strive for it. Growth isn’t about what you earn but your career path, because that is what you take with you and what earns you what you earn.




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