When the cheques stopped coming I got scared…I’ve never been there before – Don Moen

Don MoenAmerican songwriter, singer and worship music producer Don Moen was in COZA Abuja penultimate Saturday for a concert.

It was amazing seeing over 5,000 COZA members and invitees sing to Moen’s songs like they composed the songs with him.

“Don Moen still pulls at the strings of the heart so carefully and with ease”, describes Ynaija.

Just like wine, the American songwriter appears to be getting better at his art with age.

The climax of his performance was the delivery of his God is good. The entire church swung into a different mood when he stood up to deliver this song. There was a different kind of excitement that swept through the crowd listening and singing with him at that moment. Moen had saved the best for last as he left the stage after this last rendition. 

Moen during his performance recounted some of his experiences when talked about his motivation for some of his songs. Like every great artist…He expresses himself through his music. With every mind-state, he writes songs that have touched the lives of many in numerous ways all over the world.

At age 57 Moen quit his job as President of Integrity Music after being the president of the label for 20years.

According to him, “I just felt within me there was much more out there. There was much more for me than integrity music. So I quit”.

First few weeks he felt smart but when the cheques stopped coming, he got scared.

“…Bills were coming and we had kids in college…I was scared…I’ve never been there before”, he said.

He said he felt alone and didn’t know what the future held. He prayed and communicated with God through his songs. He wrote some of his best songs at this period that seemed so bleak and dark. Some of these songs have been a source of inspiration to many.

Nevertheless, he got out of it and truly he got into so much more and he is touching more lives all over the world.

His story got me thinking and I began to reflect on what we can take home from his story.

When it all comes to an end, regardless of what we are doing or where we are doing it, ending something big always feels the same. It doesn’t matter if we are quitting a job, breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend or shutting down our company, it always has the same feeling. There is a hollow feeling, an emptiness, a fear, a conclusiveness, a heaviness that always comes with it, along with the question: Was this the right thing to do?

When we aspire to greater things, we get into this address as we drop the old and strive for the new. If you’ve been here you know the loneliness and the darkness this period holds.

Is it worth it? Sometimes, I start to wonder if it is all worth it. Is it worth it to try and create something different, something new, something much more…

I logically know it is worth it. There is a profound sense of satisfaction that comes from helping people, touching lives and putting smiles on peoples faces.

How are you making a difference? This is something we should think about.

We all have something that can touch other lives. Look within you, you will find it.

Some of the greatest artworks have been produced in dark days. Your dark days can be turned into sources of inspiration for others. Telling your stories – how you got out of the situation can inspire someone as well.

By and large, we have to keep moving no matter what, whether it was the right move or a not so smart move. If it was the right move kudos! If it wasn’t a smart move, “What is the next right move?” Deal with the direction – create a plan and follow it. And then it all seems simple as you tag along.

Enakeno Victoria Oju



2 years ago